Aaron Parrett hit a midlife crisis and bought his hot-rod: A vintage, C&P treadle press. But it didn’t end there. It was merely the gateway. He began accumulating type cases containing oodles of decorative and classic fonts and Americana stamps. And it still it didn’t end there.

Next he got an industrial 1890s paper cutter. He even acquired another C&P and was quickly running out of space in his little man-cave/shop. He unwittingly situated himself on the ledge of a crazed hobbyist, and his wife, Nann, didn’t help.

She ultimately shoved him over into the abyss, essentially strong-arming him into buying a Vandercook press and committing him to a full-on enterprise. They had to move to the Front Street warehouse.

And so began the Territorial Press.

Largely A Philosophical Enterprise

We are devoted to letterpress printing of Western and Montana literature; however, in order to pay the rent—because everyone knows that art often doesn’t pay—we offer job printing, editorial services, graphic design, and web development. In other words, we offer all services related to digital or print publishing.